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For those who already have retail stores and want to start a new business!
Since it was established in Russia in 2013,

 has been spreading worldwide at an unprecedented speed and attracting many

 Our stuffed toy brand is popular with people in a wide range of age groups, from children to adults, and has created many stuffed toys made by hand under high-quality standards. We are currently

expanding globally into more than 14 countries, mainly in Europe and Asia, and offering our products at department stores, mass retailers, toy stores, airports, etc., located in each country.
Russian, the brand name, BUDI BASA, means "Beauty is Born."

BUDI BASA stuffed toys are made with love by experienced ladies at a factory in Mozhaysk, about 100 km west of Moscow, the capital of Russia. Everything is done by hand, from making the stuffed toy pattern to packing the finished product in a special box and tying a ribbon around it.

Therefore, each of the handmade stuffed toys that are made with attention to the details has a unique facial expression that calls upon the feeling of a heartful connection.

How about working hard together with cute magic for finding happiness and many smiles in the form of rare MADE IN RUSSIA stuffed toys, the first of its kind in Japan?

★Not just common stuffed toys...★
stuffed toys are made by famous Russian designers and professional artists.
These stuffed toys are their unique "works" that could be made into existence because they are handmade.

The cat of the famous designer Marina Fedotova looks just like Basik, the main character of BUDI BASA. The name "Basik" originated from "Balsik," a classic Russian cat name (similar to "Tama" in Japan).​

by Marina Fedotova


 The products are made using faux fur, so the products are soft like the actual animals.
They can be used by children safely because we use hypoallergenic materials that even people with sensitive skin can use safely. Also, because it can be washed, the products can be used for a long time.​


 The strength of BUDI BASA is its high quality stuffed toys and clothes.
Each item is made carefully in the same way as making human clothes.
Furthermore, we could mainly differentiate our products from the other stuffed toys with the detailed and delicate sewing process, made possible by handmade techniques, and the clothes' abundance.

★Stylish dedicated boxes

Not only as a present, each of our products is shipped inside a stylish box that can also function as an interior item.
Although our products are meant to be gifts, they are also in high demand for home use.。
Therefore, they have the advantage that they can be purchased all year round regardless of season and event.

★Available in different size

 From a compact size, which is perfect as an interior item, to an extra-large size that awes people with its presence!
Available in many different size options, they can be used in many different situations.

★Many different series

There are over 100 types of products with many different designs!
At BUDI BASA's head office, fashion styles that match the seasons and events emerge one after another!
 With the introduction of new products every month, customers can always find stuffed toys that suit their feelings without getting bored.​

★Obtained the European safety standard CE mark

Not only focusing on the looks and materials, we also take safety into consideration, and our products have passed the "EN71 test certificate" standard.
As proof of passing the standard, each of BUDI BASA's stuffed toys is attached with a "CE mark."
*What is the CE mark?
A set of European safety standards for the size, shape, and paint materials of toys that is maintained very strictly. Currently, toys sold in the EU must pass this standard.

★The animal mania that never goes away

Japan is in an unprecedented cat mania. The mania of cats, which are said to be lifelong partners, will never fade. In addition to cats, dogs and rabbits have also arrived. It can be said that our products will always be in demand.​

 ・Those who are thinking about increasing sales of their stores by reviewing the product range and introducing a wide range of customers.

・Those who target women and children as their customers, such as department stores and mass retailers.

・Those who want to introduce and develop BUDI BASA products in their stores and establishments.

・Those who want to manage or start a business targeting children or women as customers.

Retail stores that sell cat- and animal-related goods, etc...

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